COrporate COnsulting

Informed by my work with clients across industries and throughout the United States, I offer training and consultation to individuals, organizations, and community agencies on a variety of topics. All services may be tailored to fit the needs of the client. Some of the most often recommended services and programs are listed below:

An Introduction to Mental Health

In this training, tailored to meet your group’s needs, participants will be introduced to several common mental health disorders, their risk factors, and some signs and symptoms of the disorders. Participants will learn how to provide support to someone who may be living with a mental health condition, and how to effectively interact with persons with mental health disorders while performing their job responsibilities. I’ve presented this training for First Responders, Law Enforcement Officers, Educators, students, churches and community organizations.

Executive Coaching

My executive coaching services will enhance your level of performance with world class tools to distinguish strengths and growth opportunities. I work one-on-one with you to develop your leadership skills. We build better relationships, have more effective communication, and become better leaders by first becoming aware of our own emotional and social intelligence skills. Self-awareness is the integral component for mind balance. I use the Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQ-i 2.0) assessment to measure emotional and social intelligence. The EQ-i 2.0 will provide you with an in-depth assessment of critical information so that you may obtain optimal lasting improved performance. 

The Playbook: Avoiding Life's Penalties

As a top athlete, you’ve made sacrifices and put in countless hours to be the best. Once you’re on the path to success, inevitably, difficulties will come. I have developed The Playbook to help you Avoid Life’s Penalties and stay on the path to success.

Fearless & Fabulous

I created Fearless & Fabulous in 2009. This life-changing workshop for women focuses on increasing confidence, finding and nurturing your purpose, and making room in your life to receive everything you desire.

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