private practice consulting

"When you're building a business, you're either all in, or you're not."

- Barbara Corcoran

It is a fact that establishing and growing a private practice can be daunting. It is not for the faint of heart. I should know. I've done it...twice. I founded SOLAY in 2009 after opening my first practice in 2004, and subsequently, closing it less than two years later. I didn't have the necessary business acumen to establish and grow a practice. I was spending time and money with no clear direction or path to becoming profitable. After spinning my wheels for close to two years, the only course of action that made sense was to close the practice.

Through lessons learned from that experience, and other valuable experiences over the years, I have had a profitable and successful practice for over 10 years. My practice has been both a group practice and solo practice. For much of this time, I have mentored and consulted with many therapists who were in the inception and growth stages of their practices. If you are interested in building a thriving, sustainable and profitable private practice, I'd love to help you avoid the obstacles and mistakes that I encountered so that you may build a successful practice. I offer two options:

Clients and Capital

Clients and Capital is an intensive one-on-one program for mental health clinicians who are interested in beginning a private practice or have a desire to take their practice to another level of excellence and profitability. Upon completion of the program, you will have a renewed vision and clear strategy for a sustainable and highly profitable private practice. 

If you are interested in private practice consultation, please email me.

package includes

Four 2-Hour Virtual Strategy Sessions

Scheduled over the course of 45 days

"Quick Question" Availability

Email or phone support for 30 days after the last strategy session

Topics that may be covered

One-Hour Strategy Session

The one-hour strategy session is a private, in-depth, one-hour consultative call with Dr. Kamala designed to address your questions, challenges and opportunities as they relate to your professional practice as a counselor, and specifically, as a private practitioner. During the one-on-one call, Dr. Kamala will offer recommendations and share insights and strategies she has acquired over the 20 years she has worked in clinical settings, including 12 years as the owner and CEO of a successful private practice.

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